CTRL+P was a participatory action in which, through social networks, we asked the question ‘What image deserves to be printed?’. In a world in which the vast majority of photographs are no longer printed, we wonder what images are still being printed today and why we are doing it. People participated by sending us an image that they  printed or an image that they thought that deserved to be printed and we published their answers at our Facebook page.

We also invited  photographers and visual artists our two previous DONE editions to answer this question proposing what photograph deserves to be printed and why. A selection of the proposed images, both by guests and online participants can be find below. We also collected, printed and bound them in a public event in Foto Colectania at the beginning of April. You can download the booklets on pdf here.


To learn more about the question ‘What image deserves to be printed?’ and why this is the starting point for this participatory action, click here.