DONE is a project of creation and thinking that aims to approach the image’s new ecosystem in the post digital technology and Internet era. The format and activities vary in each edition, experimenting with new ways that generate and propagate ideas and contents.

This third edition of the program revolves around Foto Colectania’s annual research topic ‘Photography: In Print | Online’—the coexistence of the two mediums in which images live today. In a world dominated by digital and intangible content, printed photography is far from dissapear. Defying most forecasts, in contemporary photography practices, photographs are regularly printed, bound, projected and given sculptural shape, or even take the form of an installation. How and why we reached the hybridization of the physical and intangible worlds, and what we are doing and still are able to do with this hybridization are the essential questions that this program aims to answer.

The following three activities are proposed:

CTRL+P, an online participatory action.
– A series of conversations between curators, researchers and theoreticians specialized in digital content.
Publish or Perish, a research and creation project for publishing digital content, developed by the artist Silvio Lorusso and Stef Kors on behalf of the Publishing Lab of Amsterdam.