Two conversations leaded by three curators, theoreticians and researchers specialized on the hybridization of digital and printed contents will take place on this third edition of DONE:

Annet Dekker (independent researcher and curator)
Katrina Sluis (digital program curator The Photographers’ Gallery)
Marco de Mutiis (artist and digital curator Fotomuseum Winterthur)

Our relationship with images is transforming at high speed due to the proliferation of online digital photography. This new scenario has impacted on contemporary art practices, where photographs are not only printed and framed but can also take sculptural form, build an installation, be a fundamental part of a performance, and remain intangible in the net. The three participants of this conversation will show and explain how contemporary photography is developing in this new scenario.

February 2018

Alessandro Ludovico (researcher, writer, artist and editor)
Mathieu Cénac
(co-director of Jean Boîte editions)
Silvio Lorusso (artist, designer and writer)


The definitive implementation of digital technology has deeply affected print media in relation to photography. Once the initial reactions, both triumphalist and catastrophist, to the new scenario have been overcome, the expansion from the physical to the digital space is offering a new series of possibilities to the creation and distribution of books. With the help of the three speakers, this open conversation will explore some of these new ways from the point of view of an artist, a curator and a publisher who work in this new environment.