DONE is a project of creation and thought that aims to approach the image’s not-so-new ecosystem in the post digital technology and Internet era. This new edition is titled ‘The More-than-Human Mascarade’.

Like medieval cyborgs drawn by Rabelais, like the deployment of camouflage tactics by organisms of all kinds or like the great Venetian role-playing and profiling party of the 16th century, the more-than-human masquerade is a realm of technological and cultural tension in which we find ourselves today. In a global hyper-relational landscape where representation, obfuscation, artificiality or simulation are juxtaposed while we dance with our masks in the middle of (and through) social media and artificial intelligences.

The 2021 program is based on the new stage of computational photography regarding the phenomenon of the face. ‘The More-than-Human Mascarade’ revolves around two artistic commissions, the results of which will be exhibited online and will be accessible through DONE’s website, and three recorded conversations – an online cycle that activates conversations, problematizations, experiments and creations that aim to add nuances to a contemporaneity that is still radically mundane, despite its complexity. This new edition of DONE is a program co-curated by Roc Herms, Martí Sánchez Fibla and Jara Rocha.

Now available – three conversations + open discussion: