In the context of DONE 5, two commissions have been produced.

The Uncanny Fire
Mónica Rikić

The Uncanny Fire proposes an interactive futurist fictional narrative about the possibility that an artificial intelligent entity suffers an existential crisis. What would the cognitive or emotional consequences be for an artificial mind when facing its inability to die? What would it feel before a human being identified as a doppelgänger? [More information]


In the mouth of a polar bear: The undead feeling of the world
Helen V. Pritchard + Cassandra Troyan

In this artistic research project Helen Pritchard and Cassandra Troyan engage with the production of transpecies animacy in the domains of edu-tainment, policing, and the military industrial complex.

They interrogate the capacities of “legged robots designed to be used by the military, industrial, mining, energy, public safety and last-mile delivery” by Ghost Robotics, to animatronic spy animals made to look believable in natural history BBC programming, “Spy in the Wild”. [More information]