Noura Tafeche

Noura Tafeche is a Milan-based artist and the author of 75 Tbps of (✿◠ω◠) ︻╦╤─ (75 Terabits per second of cute violence), a project that aims to track elusive visual manifestations of online forms of expression where weapons, consumerism, performativity, depression and self-harm, violence, militarism and leisure collapse into each other.

75 Tbps, which takes its name from the top expected speed of internet of things connections, adopts visual research and conceptual analysis as methods to expose the material and immaterial labor behind the increasing production of streaming contents, as well as the distortion of the notion of leisure and fame between adults, young adults and teens soaked in an atmosphere of warlike propaganda, politics disorientation and ideological crisis (not to mention the privilege of affordable, ultra fast and ubiquitous internet connection).

DONE invited Noura Tafeche to present her work for the first time in Spain and asked her to lead a 5-session laboratory about the 75 Tbps archive and methodologies, open to young artists, students, activists and researchers. See the program for further details.

► On 17 March 2022 - See full programme here