‘Content-Aware Fill (Terms and conditions 1)’ is the title of the project to be developed by Estampa collective in the framework of the new edition of DONE.

The project will be announced in various actions that will take place during DONE’s 2020 activities.

Group of filmmakers, programmers and researchers who work in the fields of audiovisual and digital experimental environments. Their practice is based on a critical and archaeological approach to audiovisual technologies. They have carried out different projects about artificial intelligence tools and their ideologies, including El mal alumno. Pedagogía crítica para inteligencias artificiales (2017-2018, La Capella—Barcelona Producció), Espacios latentes. Imaginaciones maquínicas (2018), Deep Blue Rhapsody. Pedrals vs. El mal alumne (Kosmopolis 2019, winner of the Premi Lletra 2019 award), M’has parlat i t’he dit que et vaig dir que no et digui (with Irene Solà, SWAB 2019), Estrefet. Elocuencia y polifonia para redes neuronales (2019), Auspicios (2019, Unzip), and ¿Qué es lo que ves, Yolo9000? (2019, Soy Cámara–CCCB).

Estampa is formed by Marcel Pié, Roc Albalat, Pau Artigas, Marc Padró, and Daniel Pitarch.
Artistic projects: tallerestampa.com/estampa