One of the transversal programs of the new edition of DONE is A day in your life – Narrative Algorithms, which is driven by Julián Barón.

The project, titled, can be understood as the substrate for a new phase of our educational program that we started in 2017. It consists of a series of exercises or visual actions that aim to make us reflect on our relationship with images from their logic of production, management, circulation, consumption, and appropriation.

The objective now is to foster a reflection on the creative condition in the environment of artificial intelligence in order to propose a new exercise of, the number 9. To do this, attention will be focused on the processes that define and establish the algorithms as the basic unit of definition and development of most of our digital ecosystem, present in our day-to-day life without even being aware of it.

A day in your life – Narrative algorithms is intended as a meeting point for reflection and research of new ways of creation and visual agitation through the implementation of a series of actions, tasks and processes that can generate collective social conscience about the phenomenon of artificial intelligence.

For this new exercise, there will be the participation of Foto Colectania’s Friend Schools and a website with a spirit of experimentation will be designed. This website will serve as a tool to share and understand with the different groups of students what are the mechanisms used by algorithms so that they can start to ‘play’ with the machine.