Grab has proposed to five emerging visual artists, born or residents in Spain, to work in an audio-visual piece. Each video will take as its starting point the five issues around which the conferences and laboratories will be revolved. The work will be available on this page once released.


THINKING | November
María de la O Garrido
Linares, 1985. Her most recent work analyses the consequences of capitalism in everyday life and the relationship between social classes and technology. She uses different media -photography, collage, sculpture, video, archives, etc.- as tools, following collage ethics, choosing elements of a wide spectrum of possibilities, places, and events; juxtaposing, re-contextualizing and re-interpreting in order to transform and generate new meanings and conclusions that are translated into sculptural installations.
Laura Tabarés
León, 1991. She combines and hybridizes research, management, curating and creation around the study of the image, photography and artivism in the Internet age. She uses various media such as audio-visual conferences, the writings published on social networks, the expo-farra, postphotography etc., developing her projects with humour and a critical and generational point of view.

BODY | January
Sandra Torras
Barcelona, 1988. Her artistic practice focuses on both the issues and postmodern ambiguities of the body; she feels a deep obsession for the dichotomies it offers: natural-artificial, material-inert, real-virtual, decrepit-eternal, single-reproducible, beautiful-terrible, corporeal-technologic… From this attraction for everything that zigzags, crosses and runs away from rules, a strong interest to transgress the boundaries of the body is born, in order to leave behind the dictatorships of physical appearance, the aesthetic canons pre-established and any trace of identity imposed through body modification and rewriting.

Florencia Aliberti
Buenos Aires, resident in Barcelona, 1986. She primarily works within the domain of film / documentary and experimental video. Her proposals lay between the format of projection and exposure, passing through both cinemas and exhibition spaces. Part of her work explores forms of ownership on the audio-visual, from analogue to digital, creating new narratives for existing images. Her latest works of appropriation have focused on new forms of self-representation and exhibition of the private on the Internet.

Guim Ayora
Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, 1995. Trained within the Internet generation and obsessed with the alteration of the digital image, his work investigates infinite realities where the modified image opens new doors to knowledge. He is a photography student at IDEP, Barcelona, researcher photographer “maker, taker, faker”, and collaborator in projects such as La Pedrera ArtLab together with Boreals. His great interaction with Internet images has caused him disinterest for direct photography; he looks for new imaginaries through manipulation.