The strange case of Roc Schach

Laboratory by Ona Bros


Price: 15 € (10 € for students from our School Partners: Grisart, IEFC, IDEP)
Capacity: 15 participants by order of registration

Participants will conduct an experiment workshop where they will work collectively to create an identity and inquire into the traces left by the images and bodies in the context of the Internet and social networks.

Roc Schach has disappeared.
Behold! Here are his fiercest clatters, his most romantic clatters.
Will he have committed a crime? Would it be for political reasons?
Has anyone seen Roc Schach?

Ona Bros
Ona aspires to play with rigor, as she did when she was five years old. She likes to watch, question and sometimes produce images. She is interested in twisted movements, such as thinking on images from the performance or other views. She wonders about the relationships between bodies, policies and documentary practices. Ona always learns with others, this is the reason why sometimes she teaches and is always part of collective projects.