About DONE

DONE is a project of creation and thinking that aims to approach the image’s new ecosystem in the post digital technology and Internet era. The format and activities vary in each edition, experimenting with new ways that generate and propagate ideas and contents.

Unlike the first, this second edition is presented as a laboratory for reflection, research and visual creation that revolves around five key issues: thinking, visibility, body, information and aesthetics.

Activities, that can be both online and in person, are divided into the following sections: Think, a series of lectures by renowned speakers, and Act, four laboratories of creation led by specialized visual artists. The program is followed by a third part, Grab, an initiative of audio-visual creation through which a group of artists will generate unpublished audio-visual works related to the project’s contents.



Jon Uriarte

Image Design
Eloi Gimeno

Project Director
Irene Mendoza

Anna Printezi
Mercè Giralt

Web programming
Oscar Ciutat

Social Networks and Online Speaker
Jordi Esteve

Mahala Nuuk

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DONE is a project promoted by the Foto Colectania Foundation with the collaboration of the Fundació Banc Sabadell and with the support of the Dirección General de Política e Industrias Culturales and El Libro del Ministerio de Cultura.

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